I'm Manuel

Based in Copenhagen, although originally from Cologne, Germany.
Coming from business schools, I know what value good design and creative problem solving can contribute. While being interested and competent in multiple fields of design, figuring out how things work the best is fascinating me the most.


My Career so far

I jumped into the world of design with an internship at AXA, a huge insurance company. While having degrees from Business schools, my passion lies in creating digital artefacts of all kinds. Therefore, I joined the SaaS Famly as their 2nd designer in 2021
After university I did some freelance projects, before I started working remotely for Wundertax, which provides a userfriendly way to do your taxes in Germany.

UX/UI design
Graphic design


Looking at aesthetic things makes me happy. I enjoy sharing artefacts that amaze me with others and I want to create things that might inspire people.


German native, English proficient, learning Danish (currently in course 3)


I'm proficient in the whole Adobe suite. I've spent most hours in Illustrator, InDesign and of course Figma.


I've worked with the following (among others):
Double-Diamond, Lean UX, Action Design Research, Design sprints, Wizard of Oz prototyping

Want to get in touch?

Currently open to interesting projects.

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