logo of the company Famly
Design Associate • 2021-2023
Project Overview
Famly is a leading nursery management software. I joined the company as their 2nd designer in 2021 before and during a big growth phase. While I was wearing many hats in the beginning, my responsibilities shifted mainly towards the webdesign of the website and blog.
My Contributions
• Webdesign
• Illustration
• User-research
• Animation
• Editiorial design & advertising

Shaping the homepage with assets of all kinds, creating landingpages and improving userflows was part of my daily business.
It was particularly challenging to make the webexperience and service of Famly feel appealing to nursery-managers and -practitioners, as well as parents, since their potential interests in the product were based on very different foundations.
The website had to convey trust, positivity and familiarity, while also explaining the actual benefits of the platform for nurseries. Three very different customer journeys always had to be kept in mind.
A/B testing helped to figure out which information architecture supported conversions the most.
↪ Webdesign
Responsibility 01
6 different colorful illustrations, most of them being children
Famly has its own department for content creation for their blog as well as SM channels. In it, I was responsible for creating vector-based illustrations of all kinds.
The subject matters varied as much as the applied artistic style. Isometric, flat and hand-drawn illustrations gave Famly's identity an individual touch, enabled the company to stand out to its competitors and shaped the brand onwards. The aesthetic appeal noticably increased leads and conversions for demo-bookings of the software.
↪ Illustration
Responsibility 02
illustration of a head and a question mark
The needs and preferences of our target audience were always in the foreground. Using a combination of methods such as interviews, and usability testing, I collected both qualitative and quantitative data to guide our design choices. By empathizing with users and understanding their goals, pain points and behaviors, I uncovered opportunities for improvement in our website.
This research played a pivotal role in shaping the user experience, since it enabled us to create intuitive interfaces, streamline navigation, and enhance overall user satisfaction. The findings from our user research not only influenced the design process but also formed the basis for data-driven decision-making, ensuring that our website aligned with user expectations and met our business objectives.
↪ User-research
Reponsibility 03
different digital ads, 2 magazine ads and multiple open books on top of each other
Creating still, video and print advertisements helped me to increase my understanding of marketing campaigns. Design theories like the Gestalt Principles, Miller's Law or the Serial Position Effect supported the creation of effective advertisments and a constructive information architecture.
Besides, every other month I visualized a long PDF guide for a childcare topic. Again, the usage of such guides was tracked and eventually informed future design decisions, in order to increase conversions from such guides to demo-sign-ups.
↪ Advertising & editorial design
Responsibility 04